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Email & Social Marketing Primer for Organic Products


The Email & Social Marketing Primer for Natural and Organic Products
Photo courtesy of AWeber

What is the Email & Social Marketing Primer?:

The Email & Social Marketing Primer for Natural and Organic Products is a wonderful (and free) organic business resource from the good folks at AWeber.

The guide is somewhat of a revelation actually. As those in the organic industry are well aware, frustratingly few marketing resources exist for organic-specific businesses. For most organic businesses, marketing is more a guessing game than anything. The guides that do exist, such as the USDA marketing guide for organics, are so outdated they're hardly useful.

Now though, with this guide, you have at least one awesome marketing guide at your disposal.

What's the goal of the guide?:

This guide was designed with one very clear background ideal - organic business often have small marketing budgets. Though organics continue to grow in popularity, they don't outsell conventional, thus organic business profit margins tend to be slim.

With the above in mind, AWeber created this marketing guide under the premise that your business does need a solid marketing plan, but that you need a plan that is simple to implement, cost-effective and offers the most bang for your time and money.

Because online marketing is a clear winner when it comes to low-costs and quantifiable results, AWeber focuses on how organic and natural companies can grow their customer base with email marketing, social media and related online channels.

Who is this guide for?:

First of all, I'd encourage you not to be swayed away from this guide due to the natural slant. We all know natural isn't organic. In fact, I think we can agree that most organic supporters think that "natural" is a fake term at best and consumer trickery at worse.

Despite the wording this is a useful guide for anyone involved in the organic industry, not just sellers of natural products. I'd recommend this guide for organic producers, organic restaurant owners, organic retailers and even organic handlers.

How reputable is this guide?:

AWeber created this guide using the following...

  • Their own long-term knowledge of successful marketing. AWeber is an industry leader in online marketing. In fact, AWeber has been helping businesses manage and deliver email marketing campaigns since 1998, so they know a thing or two about how to grow an online campaign.

  • Graphs and statistics included in the guide are from reputable and current sources, such as the Natural Products Marketing Benchmark Report compiled by Pure Branding and SPINS in 2011.

  • Information is also included from a massive natural product company survey as well as customer examples.

Topics covered in this marketing guide:

This organic business marketing guide is packed with useful information for both new business and well-established businesses. The 26 page guide is broken down into the following chapters:

  1. Profile of a Natural Product Marketer
  2. The Challenges of Marketing Natural Products
  3. Marketing Budgets
  4. Marketing Tactics
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Email Marketing In Action: Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee
  7. Marketing With Social Media
  8. Social Media Marketing In Action: Gardein
  9. Resources

Some key take-away tips from the guide:

To show you that the guide is worth a look, following are just some of the key tips included in this guide.

  • How pricing problems are compounded by market confusion and how to clear this up in your marketing campaign.

  • The pros and cons of marketing online - for example, your dollar goes further, but online marketing can be time intensive and competitive.

  • The 10 most effective marketing tactics for organic products and businesses.

  • How to gain more subscribers for your online campaign.

  • How to use social media sites, such as Facebook, to their full potential in order to engage consumers

Above is just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of other tips included in this guide and best of all the tips aren't sensational, "Get rich quick" type tips - they're realistic and grounded. In fact, I think the guide is worth the read even if all you look at are the company profiles, because the examples of what these companies are doing well is an eye-opener.

Cost of the guide:

100% FREE! That's a great price, right?

Download the guide here. For even more free marketing advice, I'd check out the AWeber blog.

AWeber contact information:

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