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Understanding Organic Labeling - What Do Eco Product Labels Mean?

USDA Organic, 70% organic, free-range, natural, Fair Trade, grass-fed, eco-friendly - what do all these labels mean? More importantly, which labeling terms mean very little to nothing on an organic scale?

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Organic Labels
If you're going to claim that a product is organic, you'll need the proper organic label. Get the answers to some commonly asked organic label questions.

10 Product Labels That Don't Mean Organic
There are many popular product labels out there. Some of these terms can even be applied to organic products, but that doesn't make the terms interchangeable with organics.

Do Organic Products Need a Special PLU or UPC Code?
Grocery codes aren't all the same, and only some differentiate between organic and conventional.

Organic Body Care Standards at Whole Foods Market
If you want to sell your organic body care at Whole Foods, you'll need to follow their organic body care standards.

What is the Non-GMO Project Verified Seal?
Currently the United States has zero rules surrounding GMO labeling, but both organics and the Non-GMO Project Verified Seal can help you choose GMO-free foods.

How to Label Organic Body Care & Cosmetics
If you create a line of organic body care or cosmetics, how do you label it?

Using the Organic Label at Farmers Markets
Is it okay to use the organic seal on farmer's market products?

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