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Organic 101 - Organic Basics, Products & Policy


Organics can be confusing - even if you've been following organic issues for a while. If you're brand new to organics or just need to brush up on key organic topics, the following resources will provide helpful information about organic basics, organic policy, organic products and offer tips about why organics are so important for people and the planet.

  1. What Organic Means
  2. What Organic DOES NOT Mean
  3. Why Organics Matter
  1. Organic Food & Other Products
  2. U.S. Organic Regulations
  3. International Organic Regulations

What Organic Means

Organic issues for organic businesses - What does organic mean?

Sort through the often confusing world of organic definitions.

What Organic DOES NOT Mean

Learn about terms commonly confused with "organic" and find out why organic doesn't always mean "eco-friendly."

Why Organics Matter

why go organic

Organics benefit people and the planet in many ways.

Organic Food & Other Products

Learn about all kinds of organic products, along with some products that cannot be certified organic.

U.S. Organic Regulations

Organic policy - organic labels

A working knowledge of basic U.S. organic policies and regulations is important if you're planning a career in the U.S. organic industry.

International Organic Regulations

international organics

The global organic industry is growing, so if you're stepping out of the U.S., here's what you need to know about international organic policy.

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