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Which Food Products Qualify for Organic Certification?


With very few exceptions, most food products are eligible for organic certification.

Overall producers, processors and retailers have tons of choices when it comes to organic edibles, and in turn, so do consumers. That's great news since organic food sales are growing at an impressive rate.

1. Whole Fresh Produce

Organic Produce © Paylessimages - Fotolia

Whole fresh unadulterated produce, such as apples, corn, spinach, grapes and other produce may be certified organic. Related categories that can be certified organic include whole food products such as 100% juice or 100% frozen vegetables or fruit.

2. Nuts & Nut Products

Organic Nut Products © Elke Dennis - Fotolia

Nuts and 100% nut products such as whole walnuts, cashews, peanuts and 100% peanut butter can all be certified organic.

  • Successful certified organic nut butter company: MaraNatha.

3. Coffee

Organic Coffee © Monika Adamczyk - Fotolia

Producers and handlers can grow and sell organic coffee beans and organic ground coffee. Many organic coffee products are certified and labeled as Shade Grown or Fair Trade as well as organic.

4. Tea

Organic Tea © IngridHS - Fotolia

Certified organic tea is becoming more popular and can be sold as whole loose tea, in tea bags or even ground. Chai is another popular category of organic tea.

5. Mixed & Prepared Food Products

Organic Mixed Food Product © Rod Luey - Fotolia

There's a dizzying array of mixed and processed organic food items on the market, such as...

  • Cookies, cakes, pies and other sweets.
  • Bread and other baked goods.
  • Frozen prepared meals.
  • Sauce, soup and other canned and jarred items. 
  • Ketchup, salad dressing and other condiments. 
  • Pasta; both whole and in products such as macaroni and cheese.
  • Cereal, including packaged oatmeal and bulk cereal.
  • "Junk" food items such as soda and chips.
  • Mixed beverages, such as fruit punch.

There are too many to list, but suffice it to say that consumers have thousands of prepared organic food items to choose from.

    • Successful certified organic mixed food seller: Eden Foods.


      6. Grains

      Organic Grains © Henry Bonn - Fotolia

      Grains either for straight consumption, like brown and white rice, or grains used for baking, such as flour are becoming more widespread. Nowadays consumers can easily find certified organic barley, semolina flour, whole oats, cornmeal and much more on the grocery shelf. Organic popcorn is another popular organic grain item and is sold both in whole form and in packaged microwave form.

      7. Dairy Products

      Organic Dairy © Elke Dennis - Fotolia

      Organic dairy, especially milk, is one of the most popular organic product categories on the market today. Organic dairies process and sell basic milk, including whole, skim, 2% and/or may also carry other dairy items such as yogurt and frozen yogurt, butter, ice cream, buttermilk, cheese and more.

        8. Eggs

        Organic eggs © dream79 - Fotolia

        Chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guineas and shell eggs are all eligible for grading by the AMS Poultry Program's Grading Branch and are eligible for organic certification by the National Organic Program (NOP). To gain organic certification poultry chicks intended for egg production must be raised and cared for under continuous organic management from the second day of life. 

        9. Meat

        Organic Meat © PeJo - Fotolia

        Many types of livestock can be certified organic for the sake of human consumption. Cattle, sheep, goats, swine and poultry can all be certified organic. Both whole meats and processed meat products may be certified. It's important to note that organic livestock must be fed certified organic feed, grass and other grains in order to meet certification standards.

        10. Soy Products

        Organic Soy © Igor Dutina - Fotolia

        Soy products can attain organic certification. Products include such items as tofu, soybeans, soy milk and products made with soy such as soy "meat," cheese, yogurt, mayonnaise and more.

        • Successful certified organic soy food company: Vermont Soy.

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