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Locally Grown



Locally grown refers to food and other agricultural products, for example wool or flowers, that are grown or produced, processed and then sold within a certain area.

Local isn't officially defined or monitored, so local may be defined by distance to market, state or city borders, or other regional boundaries, depending on who you ask. For example, stricter locavores may argue that 100 miles from farm to table is local, but it's been said that Whole Foods' definition of local is 200 miles. Other people and businesses, for example farmers' markets, have different definitions of local as well.

Locally grown food has a significant connection to organics. For one thing, many local farms are organic (some certified, some not certified). More important though, is the raging debate about which is better, certified organic food or local food. While both local and organic foods carry pros and cons, people have some very strong opinions about which is best.

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