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The Organic Seed Finder

A great place to search for the organic seeds you need


Organic Seed Finder
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It's not uncommon to have trouble finding certified organic seeds for your operation. Luckily, the Organic Seed Finder may be able to help you out.

The Organic Seed Finder is a database endorsed by the National Organic Program (NOP) as a reliable source where organic producers and others may get help to locate organic seeds and seed information.

About Organic Seed Finder

The Organic Seed Finder website is hosted by the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA). The main purpose of the website is to connect organic seed vendors with organic producers and other organic seed customers.

AOSCA updates their listings during the year as seed vendors and seed availability change, so checking back often for new listings is a good idea, especially if you weren't able to locate your choice of seeds on your first visit.

Each seed listing you find will offer the name of the seed variety, the vendor, and a brief description about the seeds. Also, each listing features the last date that the selected listing was updated, which is nice because this will help you avoid oddly old listings that may not be good any longer.

Why Use Organic Seed Finder?

Organic seeds are tricky business. NOP requires that organic producers use organic seed unless organic seed cannot be found. This is a big exception since organic seeds, in the past, have been tough to come by.

As an organic producer, it likely goes without saying that you'd like to uphold organic integrity and use certified organic seed whenever possible, so a good database of organic seeds can be a big help.

Are the Listed Seeds Certified Organic?

AOSCA requires all participating organic seed vendors to provide proof of organic certification. Still, I'd add that you can never be too careful when it comes to real vs. fake organics, so always do your own research about a seed company before you purchase seed from them. Your organic certifying agent should be able to offer you some advice about seed vendors if you need support.

Are Seed Listings in Real-time?

No. Organic Seed Finder points out that they DO NOT provide real-time inventories of seed availability. The variety you find may be out-of-stock, yet still listed as the the vendor may be back to update the listing when said seed becomes available.

What Sort of Seed Searches are Available?

Organic Seed Finder offers a dead easy search method where you simply click on an image of field crops, fruits and veggies or other type of seed, after which you'll have the chance to pick the specific type of seed you're searching for.

While on a specific seed type page, you can check off various seed characteristics if necessary to focus and narrow your search. You have may choices for narrowing your search including characteristics such as seed maturity, color, end use, disease resistance and more, though these characteristics vary by seed type.

Can You Purchase Seeds at Organic Seed Finder?

No. Seed transactions are not conducted via the Organic Seed Finder website.

Once you find the seed you're looking for, you can click on the link to the vendor's website if such a link is offered. If the vendor does not offer a website link, Organic Seed Finder offers the contact information for the vendor.

After you find your seeds, it's up to you to contact the seed vendors for further information about the seeds or to make a seed purchase.

How Much Does the Database Cost?

As an organic producer or other seed customer, you can use Organic Seed Finder for the low, low price of totally free!

If you happen to be a seed vendors you will have to pay a fee to post seed varieties based on annual organic seed sales.

Visit Organic Seed Finder to learn more or to search for seeds right away.

Updated as of January 2013.

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