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Organic Certification – Get Certified Organic

Organic certification is easy when you have all the facts. Find out who can get certified and read a step-by-step guide about how to get USDA certified organic. Learn why organic record-keeping is a must, label products properly and avoid common organic certification mistakes.
  1. Achieve Certification (10)
  2. Certification Mistakes and Problems (4)
  3. Certification Q&A (11)
  4. Certifying Agencies & Agents (6)
  5. Exemption from Certification (3)
  6. International Organic Certification (7)
  7. Organic Certification Costs (4)
  8. Organic Labels (7)
  9. Transitioning to Organic (2)

Am I Eligible for USDA Organic Certification?
Can your operation be certified organic or not?

Key Reading Materials for Organic Certification Applicants
Which resources are best if you're interested in organic certification?

Certified Organic - Easy Steps to Achieving & Maintaining Organic Certification
Organic certification can be complicated, but it's not impossible. Learn everything you need to know about organic certification, from making the decision to go certified organic, to becoming a certified business or farm, to keeping your organic certification in good standing and more.

Does Your Business Need to be Certified Organic?

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