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Organic Farming & Crops

Learn how to transition an existing farm to organic, or start a new organic farm from the soil up. Decide which organic crops to grow. Plan for sustainable crop management and production techniques. Create a solid business plan that includes selling crops, risk management, working with organic handlers and overcoming common organic farm obstacles.
  1. Organic CSA Resources (3)
  2. Organic Crops (8)
  3. Organic Farm Certification (4)
  4. Organic Farmer Profiles (3)
  5. Pesticides on the Organic Farm (2)
  6. Selling & Profits on the Farm (7)
  7. Small Organic Farms (3)

What is Organic Farming?
Organic farming doesn't have one clear definition. Various organizations, areas and individuals have come up with some ideals surround the term though.

Record Keeping Tips for an Organic Farming Business
Record keeping on the organic farm can seem overwhelming, so make sure you keep records as you go and have a good file system in place.

Learn About Organic Farming from the Soil Up
Learn more about organic farming from the soil up, including facts about issues related to organic farming basics such as organic standards, growing crops and organic farmland requirements.

Farmland & Infrastructure Requirements for Organic Farmers
General requirements for various types of organic production operations.

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