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Top Online Publications for Organic Farmers

Great publications who pack their websites full of free information


Print publications have some downsides. They waste paper resources, create more carbon via delivery and cost you money you could be spending on other things like certification costs and equipment. Plus, while you can't beat curling up in the tub or bed with a nice print magazine, frankly, who has the time?

If it's just a little downtime you're looking for, along with some useful information related to organic agriculture, livestock and other organic farm issues, you can browse many publications online, free of charge and in less time it takes to read a print publication.

Below are some print publications that do offer subscriptions, but who also pack their website with tons of useful information that's available for free and around the clock.

1. Organic Farming Magazine

Organic Farming Magazine

An Organic Farming Magazine subscription is a free Producer Member benefits when you join the Soil Association, a UK's leading journal on organic food and farming. However, the Soil Association website offers a slew of useful resources, even if you're not subscribed to the print publication. Also, don't be shy if you're in the USA. This is UK based, but this publication is very useful and informative, no matter where you grow.

Resources you'll find on the website

2. Permaculture


The main goal of Permaculture - Inspiration for Sustainable Living is to connect readers with ideas fresh from the cutting edge of the sustainability movement. This isn't entirely farm based, but packed with information sustainable and organic growers will find useful.

Resources you'll find on the website

  • Classifieds exchange area (likely most useful if you're UK based).
  • Lots of information about creating more sustainable ways of living.
  • Free e-newsletter.
  • Editors blog, reader opinion pieces and products reviews.
  • And more...

3. Mother Earth News

Mother Earth News

It's tough to deny the fun of having an actual print copy of Mother Earth News laying around, ready to be read. However, subscribing is not entirely necessary due to this publications amazing website. The print publication offers goodies not seen online, but overall this website is packed to the max with great reads and resources.

Resources you'll find on the website

  • An amazing selection of free newsletters.
  • Classified, land-for-sale area.
  • Ten specialized blogs focused on various areas of farming and living.
  • A large amount of fresh content daily.
  • And more...

4. Countryside & Small Stock Journal

Countryside & Small Stock Journal

Countryside & Small Stock Journal is one of the oldest producer publications around, so it makes sense that this site offers plenty of useful resources.

Resources you'll find on the website

  • Access to selected full article text from various issues.
  • A major, in-depth reading library packed with useful articles.
  • Bookstore and reading recommendations.
  • A breeders directory.
  • And more...

5. Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening

Organic Gardeing is aimed at small farmers and home organic gardeners, not specifically larger organic growing operations, but that doesn't mean this isn't a fun website to browse. There are plenty of tips and resources that can be applicable to even larger scale growers.

Resources you'll find on the website

  • Features related to organic growing, relaxation, fun and more.
  • Amazing cooking section with recipes and tips.
  • Access to watch free organic growing videos.
  • Tons of free downloads about growing, natural pest control and more.
  • And more...

6. Farm Journal

Farm Journal

Farm Journal is a general farm publication but there are tips to be had that may benefit organic growers. Plus there is an astounding wealth of article archives on the site.

Resources you'll find on the website

  • Agriculture news.
  • Market information.
  • Loads of farm machinery tips and resources.
  • Impressive coverage of agronomy news.
  • And more...

7. Backyard Poultry

Backyard Poultry

Perfect for poultry lovers of all shapes and sizes, Backyard Poultry, while aimed at small-time producers, offers plenty of resources for anyone raising organic birds.

Resources you'll find on the website

  • Plenty of tips on better poultry management.
  • Humongous online library of articles.
  • A wonderful photo gallery.
  • Breeder directory.
  • And more...

8. Farm World

Farm World

Farm World is another general farm publication, focused on the Midwest. However, the website offers enough content to make it applicable to every producer.

Resources you'll find on the website

  • Classified area for buying, selling and trading.
  • Daily news, features, recipes and much more in the archives.
  • Comprehensive listing of used farm equipment from Midwest dealers.
  • Midwest farming events calendar.
  • And more...

9. Herb Companion

Herb Companion

Value-added producers of herbs or growers who work specifically with herbs, will find tons of useful information at Herb Companion.

Resources you'll find on the website

  • Many amazing blogs related to all things herbs.
  • Gigantic herb profile database.
  • Free newsletter.
  • Articles about growing, seed saving, companion planting and other herb topics.
  • And more...

10. Urban Farm

Urban Farm

Urban Farm is a sub-publication of Hobby Farm and this website is full of so much information, you'll always have something new to read at your fingertips.

Resources you'll find on the website

  • Many tips and articles related to farm tools and equipment.
  • Exclusive online content such as free downloads, how-to guides and great infographics.
  • Many free videos to watch any time you choose.
  • Local guides and events calendar.
  • And more...

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