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Is it Your Job to Provide Organic Education for Consumers?


Question: Is it Your Job to Provide Organic Education for Consumers?

If you're an organic retailer, farmer or restaurant operator, you don't officially have to educate consumers about organics. The USDA isn't going to show up on your doorstep and say, "Hey, where are your organic information brochures for customers?!"

However, if you want to sell as many organic products as possible, then you really need a consumer education campaign in place.

Time after time, organic research and consumers surveys have revealed some interesting facts about organic consumers, such as...

Plus, while it's true that organics are becoming more popular with consumers, it's conventional food and products, not organics, that still gobble up the majority of profits.

Organics are popular, but not THAT popular. It's a bad idea to ignore practices such as educating consumers. Especially when there's this huge lucrative market simply waiting to be won over by the organic industry.

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