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Build Positive Organic Customer Relationships

As an organic retailer, farmer or restaurant operator, you don't have the luxury of avoiding marketing, consumer education or customer relations. Organics rarely sell themselves and are often misunderstood and underrepresented. It's your job to cater to the specific needs of your organic customers, and to educate potential consumers about the organics products you sell.

Focus on Local Customers to Grow Your Organic Business
Sometimes organic businesses may not focus enough attention on their local roots - a bad business move. Here's how to get local and grow your business.

How Will Cause Marketing Help Your Organic Business?
Cause marketing endeavors may help your bottom line, especially during the holiday season.

Is it Your Job to Provide Organic Education for Consumers?
As an organic retailer, farmer or restaurant operator, you don't have to educate consumers about the products you sell, but you should if you want to gain new customers.

The Different Types of Organic Consumers
Before you can market organics successfully, you'll need to understand your organic customer base.

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