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Fast Facts About Social Media vs. Social Networking for Organic Businesses

Learn the basics of social media vs. networking for your organic business


Social media and social networking can be tricky business. Especially for individuals who are so busy running an organic farm or small organic business that there's no time left to connect with social networks.

However, social media and networking is worth the time it takes, as that time may pay off with more customers, better peer connections and overall more business success. If you're too busy to research social media and social networking in-depth, following are some basic fast facts about both, that can help you get started.

Social media and social networking are different: Social media includes sites and tools that allow your business to be seen and social networking is how you engage in the various social media communities. For example, you'd call Facebook or Twitter social media sites but posting on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter are examples of social networking.

Social media sites are interactive: A decent way to tell that you're at a social media site vs. say a static site is that you get the opportunity to interact with the site. For example a news site (or regular media) generally gives you information to absorb, but a social media site gives you both information and a chance to participate.

Social networking is more the how of social media: Social networking is how you connect, interact or engage with others on a social media site. This could be posting on another organic business' wall on Facebook or making new connections on a professional social media site, such as LinkedIn.

Social networking for businesses is specific: When you engage in social networking for fun, it's often more random. For example, you may engage with your grandma, your old high school pals and some co-workers on a social media site. On the flip-side, generally the goal of social networking for a business is much more specific. For example, a business is likely to use social networking to connect with peers in the business community or to connect with customers and potential customers.

Now, the above was just a few fast facts to get you oriented with social media and networking. If you're looking for more information, check out the following links:

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