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Can Pinterest Help Grow Your Organic Business?


Logo ©Pinterest by Michael Deal and Juan Carlos Pagan
Question: Can Pinterest Help Grow Your Organic Business?

Pinterest is the new darling in the social media world and if used correctly it may help you gain more notice from organic consumers.

Pinterest Basics:

Pinterest is a visual social media site, or as Pinterest puts it, "A sort of virtual pinboard that allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web." For example, if you sell organic handcrafted candy, and post professional, lovely images of said candy on your website, a Pinterest member may link to the image where it in turn gets shared with other Pinterest members.

Pinterest member may use their Pinterest account to collect and organize favorite ideas for the home, for weddings, for meals or simply browse the site to find visual inspiration collected by others who share the same interests. You can use other members interests to learn what folks are most interested in, then promote those aspects of your own business.

With so many social media sites and social networking options out there, you may wonder why you should take the time to join up with the relatively new Pinterest. As an organic retail business, seller of organic products or even an organic farm, there are plenty of great reasons to join and many marketing benefits to be had simply by participating.

Key reasons why your organic business needs to be on Pinterest.

  • Pinterest may be new, but their popularity is amazingly high and growing. In fact, in August 2011, just a year and a half after its launch, Time magazine rewarded Pinterest with a spot on their "50 Best Websites of 2011" column.

  • A bulk of Pinterest members and followers have the same characteristics as average organic product consumers. For example, many are women, 50% of users have children, 28% of users are well-off financially and some of the most popular categories on the site correlate easily with organics, for example recipes, fresh food and flowers, wedding goods and fashion. Green goods, while of course not always organic, is an up and coming pin category as well.

  • Shareaholic notes that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined.

  • You can use key terms on Pinterest that will help associate your business with organics. For example, you may create an "organic produce" board, an "organic farming" board or an "organic goodies" board, all of which will help further establish you in the organic industry.

  • One of the most popular retailers on Pinterest is Whole Foods Market, who also happens to be a top organic retailer in the country. With 17,800 followers and counting, Whole Foods has built a bigger fan base on Pinterest simply by using the site to promote a healthy lifestyle mindset that consumers can agree with.

  • Other retailers, many who are green and/or organic are joining Pinterest, but organics, overall still make up a smaller sub-section of this site, so there's plenty of opportunities to build a successful organic presence while the site is still new.

One of the best reasons to join Pinterest though is because it's a fun social media site. The best social media sites for your business are the ones you'll really use and become engaged with. This is a simple task with Pinterest as it's never boring, has pins that appeal to everyone and can be personalized to reflect exactly what you want customers to know about your business.

In fact, Pinterest is so much fun that some are touting this site as a wonderful relaxation technique - i.e. a great way to reduce daily stress.

Lastly, unlike many other social media websites, Pinterest is easy as pie to use. There's not a steep learning curve involve. Anyone and any business can easily and quickly make Pinterest work for them. You simply log on, start pinning items you love, and enjoy.

Examples of organic and sustainable businesses on Pinterest:

You can also get a look at how many organic goodies are on Pinterest by heading to the site and doing a basic search. Take a peek at search terms such as "organic farms, organic food and organic clothing" to see all the great organics on Pinterest.

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