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CSAware - CSA Management Software


CSAware takes some of the stress away from running a CSA, and allows you to focus on what really matters - farming and interacting with your CSA community.

1. What is CSAware?

CSAware - CSA Management Software
Photo courtesy LocalHarvest

CSAware is community supported agriculture (CSA) management software service created by LocalHarvest. CSAware is a powerful online system that's customizable, user-friendly, feature-rich and set up somewhat like your very own CSA shop website.

According to LocalHarvest, CSAware may be the most beneficial for, "Farmers whose CSAs have a lot of "moving parts," due to a large membership, sale of add-on products, a unique sales model, or a rapid growth rate." That said, CSAware software is flexible enough that it may be shaped to any particular CSA, so in order to find out if CSAware is really for you, an online tour of the program is smart.

2. What's Included with CSAware?

CSAware - CSA Software
Photo courtesy LocalHarvest

CSAware comes with set features that benefit typical CSAs, but features can be turned on or off to fit your particular CSA. Some CSAware features include:

  • Your own online CSA shop.
  • Ability to advertise the types of services and boxes offered by your CSA.
  • Administration features that allow you to do stuff such as, email members, create and print harvest lists and quickly check out stats on current members,
  • CSAware allows new members to sign up for your CSA online while existing CSA members can pay for their services online, let you know when they'll be out of town and place special orders. 
  • Other, new personalized features may be built by the CSAware team as needed and added for no charge.
  • Plus much more!

3. CSAware System Requirements

community supported agriculture management software
Photo courtesy LocalHarvest

Be aware that CSAware is not personal software, but a software service offered by LocalHarvest. Basically, you won't get a disc or need to download software. Instead, LocalHarvest will help you to get situated when you sign up.

Because CSAware is offered as a service, not as software via a disc or download, the system requirements include computer and internet connection. A dedicated LocalHarvest IT team monitors the system for you. The IT team fixes problems and makes ongoing improvements and changes as needed.

4. CSAware Costs

community supported agriculture software
Photo courtesy LocalHarvest

Pricing for CSAware is based on a sales commission of 2%, or a minimum of $100, whichever is greater, billable monthly, after deliveries are made. The $100.00 per month minimum fee is applicable only during product delivery months.

5. CSAware Contact & Ordering Information

farming software CSAware
Photo courtesy LocalHarvest

If you're interested in trying CSAware, the first and best step is to contact LocalHarvest to set up an online tour of the software.

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