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Jennifer Chait

Jennifer Chait

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Jennifer Chait is a professional environmental and health writer, a community manager and a devoted organic advocate.


Jennifer launched into the organic industry as a grower and handler with a USDA certified organic nursery and greenhouse. After catching the organic bug, Jennifer has spent the last several years writing hundreds of pieces about organic products, organic industry issues, eco-living, sustainable architecture, pesticides, chemical dangers and other health topics.

Her writing has appeared in national magazines, green-living books and online at dozens of environmental and health-minded websites. Jennifer has worked as a social media manager for numerous green-living online communities, manages one of the largest vegetarian and vegan sites on the web, and runs several of her own environmental websites. She’s also been featured as an organic food and green industry expert on the radio and at Entrepreneur Magazine.

By Jennifer Chait:

Remember as a child, when your parents said don't touch the harmful poisons and chemicals under the sink? Well, that advice still makes sense. So, why do so many people think that it’s safe to put pesticides and chemicals in our food, cotton and soap? There’s something seriously wrong with this picture.

Why aren’t more people, businesses and farms aboard the organic train? Many individuals and businesses say that going organic is too hard and expensive - but is it really? I'll admit, the journey to organic living isn’t 100% stress-free. That said, can humans and the planet really afford the price we pay if we don't go organic?

Going organic is not impossible! Whether you want to transition a farm to organic, start an organic business, or simply want organic food in your lunchbox, my goal is to help you master the organic learning curve so that you, your customers and the planet can start living healthier today.


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