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Jennifer Chait

Organic Food Associated With Longer Lifespan

By March 29, 2013

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A new study out of Southern Methodist University has shown that when fruit flies are fed diets of organic vs. conventional food produce they are healthier and live longer.

During the study, researchers raised fruit flies on extracts of some basic groceries, including potatoes, soybeans, raisins, or bananas, all purchased from the same Texas Whole Foods. However, some flies were fed organic extracts and some were not. Apparently, all of the flies exhibited signs of poor health, due to the limited diet, but still, the flies who ate organic fared better. Some key points of the study are below:

  • Flies fed extracts of organic produce had significantly higher daily egg production than flies fed conventional diets.
  • Flies raised on organic potato, raisin or soy diets had significantly extended lifespans as compared to flies raised on conventional produce extracts.
  • Flies raised on organic potato extracts survived wet starvation significantly longer than flies fed conventional potato extract.
  • Flies raised on extracts of organic raisin and banana food had higher overall activity than flies fed the conventional diets.

Of course flies aren't people, but it's still interesting research and a boost to the whole, "Organics are not healthier" stance.

+ Organically Grown Food Provides Health Benefits to Drosophila melanogaster


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