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Jennifer Chait

Last Chance to Support Prop 37

By October 30, 2012

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We're getting down to the wire with Proposition 37, the California statewide ballot measure to ensure labeling of genetically engineered foods. In the last month Prop 37 has lost voter support due to a rash of misleading ads placed by the no side and so Prop 37 really needs your support to pass.

Unless you've been living in a cave, you'll know that if Prop 37 passes it will result in some positive changes for our food system and consumers. The measure will require food sold in retail outlets to be labeled if it is produced through genetic engineering, and would not allow these products to be labeled as "natural." Furthermore, Prop 37 allows companies 18 months to change their labels.

As an organic producer or handler, you're probably on board with proper food labeling. There's been some debates going around that say organic companies will only suffer if Prop 37 passes, mainly because right now, organics and GMO-Project foods are the only clear GMO-free products around, but I disagree. First of all, just because food would need to be labeled, doesn't mean that a bunch of companies are going to go the extra mile to remove GMOs from their products. I have a strong feeling that organics will still be leading the way in the GMO-free category. Secondly, most of us who are organic advocates push really hard for consumer safety and health when it comes to food. Prop 37 lines up nicely with this train of thought.

Lastly, plenty of reputable organic companies and organizations are on board, such as the Organic Consumers Association, Clif Bar, Straus, Tofurkey, Amy's, Annie's, Nature's Path, Dr. Bronner's, Life Source, Earth Balance, many tiny food co-ops and more. It's good to align yourself with your peers.

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