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Eco-benefits of Organics

eco-friendly organics and green business practices

There are many environmental perks of organic farming and going organic in general. 

Eco-friendly Organics
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Education Options for Organic Producers and Handlers

Monday March 31, 2014

As an organic producer or handler, there are plenty of ways to get educated, or improve upon your skill sets. You can attend a university program, try out an organic internship or stay on top of organic trends and skills via reading material. Check out the resources below!

Get Your Business Listed in Green America's National Green Pages

Monday March 31, 2014

As an organic company you're probably not truly thinking about eco-business aspects all the time, but it's a wise move to at least consider how green practices may affect your business image. Research shows that consumers interested in organics are also interested in eco-practices.

One way to show customers that you're on board with green business practices is to get listed in the National Green Pages, an eco-minded directory, showcasing green businesses. Of course, your business needs to be eco-friendly to get listed, but if you are listed, you can expand your consumer marketing reach.

+ Get listed in the National Green Pages

Learn About NOP Temporary Variances

Monday March 31, 2014

National Organic Program (NOP) temporary variances are pretty simple. In general, variances include any practices or requirements that vary from set production and handling requirements of the USDA organic regulations 205.203 through 205.207, 205.236 through 205.240 and 205.270 through 205.272 for a specific time period.

Temporary variances are granted (or in some cases, not granted) by the Administrator for issues like natural disasters and other problems organic businesses run into.

To learn more about how to request a temporary variance, what forms are needed and so on, read: What are NOP Temporary Variances?

Do You Need to Obtain Organic Certification?

Monday March 31, 2014

Not all organic businesses need to become certified, but in many cases, certification will apply. Exceptions usually include being exempt or processing a non-agricultural organic products.

However, even if you don't need organic certification via National Organic Program (NOP) policy, it's a wise move to seriously consider getting certified. Getting certified is much more than a simple organic label, it's also a move that shows consumers, not to mention your organic peers, that you are dedicated to organic integrity.

Learn more: Does Your Business Need to be Certified Organic?

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